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July 2024

Too many councils go bust: we should do better

Lord Sandhurst KC and Shannon Hale

January 2024

The Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill: An Update at Committee Stage

Lord Sandhurst LC and Harry Gillow

December 2023

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill – A Commentary

Imogen Sadler

December 2023

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill – constitutional and effective?

Lord Sandhurst KC and Harry Gillow

November 2023

The forgotten human right: the rights of parents relating to children's education (brief update)

Anthony Speaight KC and Shannon Hale

November 2023

Special Advocates: Government sustained neglect breaches assurances given to Parliament and endangers the rule of law

Lord Sandhurst KC

October 2023

The forgotten human right: the rights of parents relating to children's education (2nd edition)

Anthony Speaight KC and Shannon Hale

September 2023

Open Justice. Response to the call for evidence "Open justice: the way forward"

Benet Brandreth KC and Kiyo Brandreth-Stroud

July 2023

Logic and language in Conservative politics

Tim Lord KC

June 2023

The forgotten human right – the rights of parents relating to children's education (1st edition)

Anthony Speaight KC and Shannon Hale

April 2023

How to reform the law on undisruptive protest

Anthony Speaight KC and Oliver Sells KC

August 2022

The Office of the Attorney General: A constitutional role and protector of the rule of law

Lord Sandhurst QC, Benet Brandreth QC, Will Knatchbull

June 2022

The Future Regulatory Framework for Financial Services: A Commentary on HM Treasury's Proposals

Amar Johal with Ibrahim Babiker and Alex Gewanter

May 2022

Society of Conservative Lawyers: History 1947–2022

Simon Randall CBE

April 2022

The Court of Protection – overview and resourcing issues

Alex Ruck Keene

March 2022

'A Glorious Revolution': Response to the Bill of Rights Consultation

Harry Gillow, William Knatchbull, Lord Sandhurst, Anthony Speaight, Andrew Warnock

September 2021

Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance

Simon Randall CBE

June 2021

Uber v Aslam: A New Direction for the Gig Economy (Part II)

Hugh Rowan

April 2021

Uber v Aslam: A New Direction for the Gig Economy (Part I)

Jill Andrew and Hugh Rowan

March 2021

Transforming Public Procurement

Harry Gillow and Simon Randall CBE

March 2021

Northern Ireland Protocol: Implementation and the the future

Oliver Pateman

March 2021

Response to the Independent Review of the Human Rights Act

Benet Brandreth QC, Jonathan Fisher QC, Timothy Foot, Guy Sandhurst QC, Anthony Speaight QC, Andrew Warnock QC,

February 2021

COVID Passports – a necessary tool to restore our lives?

Guy Sandhurst QC, Simon Randall CBE and Oliver Pateman

November 2020

New opportunities = new homes?

Simon Randall

November 2020

English votes for English laws

Louis Flood

October 2020

Equality Act 2010: a proposed amendment in respect of its treatment of religion

Dr James Peter Gould

September 2020

Westminster Parliament's Response to COVID-19 and a comparison with New Zealand, Australia and Canada

Louis Flood

March 2020

Access to justice in the 2020s

Lord Sandhurst QC

June 2019

Cannabis: A look at sweeping global change

Simon Randall CBE and Ashley Blood-Halvorsen

March 2019

Evidence to PACAC inquiry into the role of Parliament and military deployment

Society of Conservative Lawyers

February 2019

Prior Parliamentary Approval for Military Action

Sir Oliver Heald MP and Oliver Jackson

July 2017

Public Procurement after the UK’s EU Departure

Simon Randall CBE

October 2016

A Conservative narrative on international law: past, present and future

Kacper Zajac (Lyell Scholar)

October 2015

House of Lords Inquiry into The Union and Devolution

Evidence from the Society of Conservative Lawyers

September 2015

Reshaping civil justice – enhancing the inquisitorial system

Peter Smith

August 2015

The Church and the State

Amy Woolfson (Lyell Scholar)

September 2014

Aspects of education policy for the next Government

Amy Woolfson (Lyell Scholar)

September 2014

Our quasi-federal Kingdom

Foreword by Sir Edward Garnier QC MP

February 2014

Procuring economic growth: an overview of procurement law reforms

Natalie Etchells (Lyell Scholar)

May 2013

Affording justice: how to reduce the bill for criminal legal aid...

Oliver Sells QC, Andrew Warnock QC, Hamish Common

January 2013

Democracy must prevail

Anthony Speaight QC

November 2012

A response to the Commission on a Bill of Rights

Stanley Brodie QC

October 2012

Responsible capitalism – corporate investing

Natalie Etchells (Lyell Scholar)

April 2012

An elected second chamber building a better House

Oliver Heald MP

March 2012

Rescuing human rights

Jonathan Fisher QC

October 2011

SCL Response to the Commission on a Bill of Rights

Lord Faulks QC, Andrew Warnock and Simon Murray

April 2011

EU Procurement Paper

Submission by the SCL Procurement Research Group

March 2011

Access to justice: four essays

Foreword by Lord Faulks QC

October 2010

Anomalies in the compensation system

Lord Faulks QC and Andrew Warnock

September 2008

A fresh start on sentencing

John Riley

November 2007

A Modern Bill of Rights – extracts of research work

May 2007

Human Rights Act – legal pathway

Anthony Speaight QC

May 2007

The impact of the HRA in the Courts

Edward Faulks QC and Andrew Warnock

September 2005

English Votes for English Laws

October 2006

A British Bill of Rights and Obligations

Jonathan Fisher QC

July 2005

Why Intercept Evidence should be admissible

August 2004

Submission on the Draft Animal Welfare Bill

January 2004

Report of the Working Party on Civil Partnerships

November 2003

Constitutional Reform: Response of a working party

October 2002

Speech on medical negligence

The Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Lyell QC

June 2002

Hailsham Lecture: Speech

Rt Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell

Thought pieces & opinions


March 2021

The Chinese state attacks the Bar: a call to arms

Lord Sandhurst QC

September 2020

Reforming the Supreme Court

Jonathan Fisher QC

May 2020

Contact Tracing – What Government must do to achieve take-up and secure privacy

Guy Sandhust QC, Benet Brandreth QC and Simon Murray

April 2020

Pardonable in the heat of a crisis – building a solid foundation for action

Benet Brandreth QC and Lord Sandhurst QC

April 2020

Pardonable in the heat of crisis – but we must urgently return to the rule of law

Lord Sandhust QC and Anthony Speaight QC

March 2020

No place for oral hearings in the appointment of supreme court judges

Lord Sandhurst QC, Oliver Sells QC, Anthony Speaight QC, Louis Flood

February 2020

Separation of Children in Young Offenders Institutions

Louis Flood, Lyell Scholar 2020

February 2020

Page 48 of the Conservative Party Manifesto, 2019 and the proposed Constitution, Democracy & Rights Commission

David Wolfson QC

January 2020

Judicial appointment hearings

Lord Sandhurst QC, Oliver Sells QC, Anthony Speaight QC

November 2019

We need a Restoration of the Constitution Bill

Martin Howe QC

September 2019

The Supreme Court – Consistent with Burke: A Personal view

Lord Sandhurst QC

September 2019

The Prorogation: Lawful but unconservative: A personal view

Anthony Speaight QC

March 2019

The scourge of false allegations against prominent people

Speech given by Daniel Janner QC

October 2016

Has Time Run Out for the Lord Chancellor MP?

Robin de Wilde QC


The Society is embarking on an extensive programme of work on the legal options for the UK arising from the referendum decision and after leaving the EU.

August 2018

Heading for the exit: is notice of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Economic Area unnecessary?

Oliver Jackson (Lyell Scholar)

May 2018

Britain's bargaining strength regarding post-Brexit jurisdiction arrangements

David Wolfson QC

May 2018

Jobs and justice

Tristan Honeyborne

November 2017

Trying to keep the Charter is senseless

Anthony Speaight QC

February 2017

Ireland, not British but not foreign: the post-Brexit relationship with Ireland

Blake O’Donnell

February 2017

Financial services, a bespoke arrangement for a European asset: the best post-Brexit deal for the City and UK financial services

Christopher Bond

SCL archives


Older pamphlets published by the Society are held in archives at the Bodleian Library in Oxford.


The full list of pamphlets they hold is available to download HERE or contact:

Anabel Farrell
Conservative Party Archivist
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