As a leading Conservative think tank the Society of Conservative Lawyers:

·       Conducts and publishes research into areas of law and public policy

·       Hosts lectures and events on relevant topics

·       Provides expert legal advice to CCHQ, centre-right organisations and Conservative parliamentarians


The Society is currently carrying out research into a wide range of areas including Brexit, civil justice and international law. Previously published research is available on our publications page.


If you are interested in taking part in the Society’s research, or if you have a project which you would like the Society to be involved with, please get in touch.


For more information please contact Anthony Speight QC or Matthew Gass, or register your interest by filling out the form below.



Contact the Chair of Research

Anthony Speaight QC
4 Pump Court
London EC4Y 7AN

Tel: 0207 842 5555


The LPPG is a new initiative set up to coordinate collaborative projects with other centre-right think tanks. The LPPG also prepares the Society’s responses to discussion papers published by the Conservative Policy Forum.


If you are involved with a centre-right organisation and would be interested in collaborating with the SCL, or if you are a Society member and would like to contribute, please contact Matthew Gass or Matthew Kinghorn or fill out the form below.

The Society of Conservative Lawyers is an association of lawyers who support or are sympathetic to the aims of the Conservative Party. Members hold a range of different views within those parameters. All publications by the Society reflect he personal opinion of the author and do not represent legal advice or a corporate view of the Society.


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