The Society of Conservative Lawyers, founded in 1947, is one of the UK’s leading think tanks and serves as the home of the legal profession within the Conservative Party and on the centre-right of UK politics. 


Our role:

  • Support the Conservative and Unionist Party

  • Uphold the principles of justice and democracy

  • Carry out and publish research in the fields of law and public policy

  • Host lectures and social events for like-minded members of the legal profession


Lord Sandhurst QC

We are delighted to announce that Lord Sandhurst QC, our Chair of Research, has been successful in the recent by-elections in the House of Lords to sit as an excepted hereditary peer on the Conservative Benches.

NEW PAPER: Uber v Aslam: a new direction for the gig economy (part 2)

In this second paper, Hugh Rowan looks at the long term legal, social and economic consequences of this landmark case together with some potential responses from the Government in this session of Parliament.

Read the paper HERE

ONLINE DISCUSSION: Striking the right balance – the Faulks Report on the Judicial Review Bill

Monday 5th July, 6.30pm

Lord Faulks will join a closed meeting for SCL members, Conservative MPs and Peers, and invited guests of the SCL, Bingham Centre and Constitution Unit for a frank and robust discussion of this important report and the Government response.

Find out more and apply to attend

AGM: 6.00pm on Monday 21 June 2021

The Solicitor General, the Rt Hon Lucy Frazer QC MP,  will be our guest speaker at this year's AGM, which will be held as a webinar to allow as many members as possible to participate. More information has been emailed to all current members.

PAPER: Uber v Aslam: a new direction for the gig economy (part I)

Jill Andrew and Hugh Rowan, in the first of two papers, set about explaining the important decision of the Supreme Court as to the status of Uber’s drivers and its impact for other parts of the 'gig' economy. 

Read the paper HERE

PAPER: Transforming Public Procurement

Harry Gillow and Simon Randall CBE, respond to the recent Green Paper. While the proposals would improve current practice, unless changes are made there will be an increase in red tape and over-complex rules but the opportunity to protect better against corruption and other failings will be missed. 

Harry and Simon point the way forward in this PAPER