The Society of Conservative Lawyers, founded in 1947, is one of the UK’s leading think tanks and serves as the home of the legal profession within the Conservative Party and on the centre-right of UK politics. 


Our role:

  • Support the Conservative and Unionist Party

  • Uphold the principles of justice and democracy

  • Carry out and publish research in the fields of law and public policy

  • Host lectures and social events for like-minded members of the legal profession


PAPER: Equality Act 2010 – a proposed amendment in respect of its treatment of religion

Dr James Peter Gould outlines the applicable equality law and the tensions that have arisen and then turns to the dispute surrounding available protection for religious freedom. He draws upon leading equality law cases to substantiate a potential amendment to ensure a different balance.

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PAMELA THOMAS MEMORIAL LECTURE: Democracy, the Courts, and the Separation of Powers

Wednesday 14th October, 6.30pm

Professor Adam Tomkins MSP is currently Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Strategy in the Scottish Parliament. He is one of the UK’s leading voices on constitutional issues and his delivery of a major lecture on constitutional questions is eagerly awaited.

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PAPER: Westminster Parliament's Response to COVID-19

Louis Flood examines the implementation of remote participation in both Houses of Parliament from mid-April to end-July 2020. He argues that virtual proceedings can never replace in-person meetings but judges them to be a useful innovation that enabled absent members to scrutinise the Government and its legislative agenda.

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PAPER: Reforming the Supreme Court

Jonathan Fisher QC disagrees with the proposal to abolish the UK Supreme Court or change its nomenclature. Instead, he calls for independent counsel to address the Supreme Court on the importance of judicial restraint in politically sensitive cases.

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WEBINAR: International Law and The Withdrawl Agreement

24th September with Sir Bob Neill, MP and Lord Garnier QC

The Society of Conservative Lawyers is an association of lawyers who support or are sympathetic to the aims of the Conservative Party. Members hold a range of different views within those parameters. All publications by the Society reflect he personal opinion of the author and do not represent legal advice or a corporate view of the Society.


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