Members will appreciate that during the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, the Society has been continuing to hold virtual meetings, and to produce reports and thought-pieces on our website.  We have naturally not been receiving any revenue from our usual events – our usual ticket prices aim just to cover our expenses. 


As I am sure you will know, virtual and web-based events are not without costs, and if any member felt able to make a voluntary contribution no matter how small it would be very much appreciated.

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Please note: SCL is not a charity so Gift Aid tax relief is not applicable.

Only single places can be applied for, orders for multiple places or duplicate orders will be removed.

The Society of Conservative Lawyers is an association of lawyers who support or are sympathetic to the aims of the Conservative Party. Members hold a range of different views within those parameters. All publications by the Society reflect he personal opinion of the author and do not represent legal advice or a corporate view of the Society.


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