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Repealing EU Law: How far should we go?

Joint event with the Institute of Economic Affairs

Monday 27 February, 6.30pm

Leaving the EU means the UK has to put in place laws and regulations to fill the space previously occupied by EU law. Nowhere is this more important than in the area of the regulation of financial services, which are central to our economy.  Two major Bills are now before Parliament to address this and the opportunities it offers: The Financial Services and Markets Bill and the Retained EU (Revocation and Reform Bill).

The Future Regulatory Framework (FRF) seeks to construct a new regulatory environment which is suitable for a post-Brexit UK. We are going to need ambition in this and other areas if we are to make full use of the opportunities which leaving the EU affords the UK while addressing the challenges.

A strong panel with differing views will discuss this important topic.


Matthew Leish (IEA)



Christopher Bates – Special Counsel, Clifford Chance LLP

Rt Hon Lord Lilley PC

Baroness Wheatcroft – formerly editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal Europe

For background  

See the Society’s paper published last June:  Regulatory Framework for Financial Services: A Commentary on HM Treasury's Proposals

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